Uncensored, nonsense-free platform to unite the unadulterated.

Pure was created to connect like-minded, free-thinking individuals who have made the same medical choices around an unfounded health threat. This highly divisive subject matter for a multitude of reasons can be a stumbling block for both sides; Pure is a place for people who said no, to find those worthy of a yes.

Let’s focus on creating what we do want, with people who want the same. We are not as few as we are led to believe and we are here.

If you have been searching for more, search no more, welcome home. Welcome to Pure.

We’re for

Freedom, choice & love



Tyranny, restrictions & fear


Meaningful relationships are built on trust

In a world filled with deceit and lies the following values underpin the community we're building here. The strength of which relies on the accountability and self-responsibility of everyone in it.


We don’t ghost, lie or intentionally deceive. We’re building something different here where genuine, honest and real people can connect; free from all the nonsense.


Starts with yourself, know your boundaries and respect when others express theirs. Clear communication is key; convey what you do–and do not–want and afford the same to others.


We’re here to form meaningful, loving connections whether they be romantic or platonic. We are all capable of making positive, impactful change, by living free of fear.


International gold standard for pure connections

Pure to us means unadulterated; free from unnecessary cellular modification or experimental medical procedures. We respect everyone’s right to choose what they put in their bodies and with whom they spend their time.

But with those choices now having serious consequences, never before has it been so important to know what one’s perception of health looks like, their values and priorities.

important to know what one’s perception of health looks like, their values and priorities.

With uncertainty around the future affecting all of us, we’re passionate about creating a space for people to not just survive but thrive. It’s a truly exciting time to be alive, let’s enjoy it together and live it fully without fear or regret.