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PURE Match connects like-minded, free-thinking people. Our platform is free to use. Paid Premium membership is available for those wanting to access more features and support building the world’s best platform to unite the unadulterated.

PURE Match connects like-minded,
discerning people and free to use.
A paid membership is available for those wanting to access more features and support the cause.

The best place to find meaningful connections

Pure is a place for people who have taken full responsibility for their own health, exercised their birth right to decide what goes into their body and educated themselves on what causes and importantly prevents disease.

Pure  has escorted the 2020 elephant out of the room leaving you free to connect with like-minded, free-thinking, self-responsible adults without the noise and nonsense. Please respect this space and each other.


Whether you’re looking to procreate your way out of this, bunker down with a prepper, or simply find a PIC to enjoy the show with, look no further.


Finding meaningful friendships today can be challenging. If you’re searching for a new tribe on your wavelength, you’re in the right place.


As we grow, our intention is to aid those seeking and offering work opportunities–without medical conditions–to be able to connect.


Strong, connected, informed and loving communities are fundamental to creating a new inclusive, harmonious, healthy and prosperous world for all.

How it works



Strictly no jab for entry. Pure is a place for unadulterated adults to find each other. If you don't fit that category, we ask you to respect the desire of the community here and use one of the many other services catered to you.



You choose what you’re looking for; friendship or love and your intention. By starting on the same page, of the same book, you’re ahead before you begin. Giving you the best chance of finding a meaningful connection.



Our filters ensure you find what you are looking for. Relevant lists of personal priorities, help cut through the noise and to the chase. (Always exercise discernment before meeting strangers online.)



We want to ensure there are zero barriers to unite the unadulterated. Our standard membership is totally free to use, with all essential functionality available to create an account, like all members, connect and chat.

  • 20 likes per day
  • Unlimited messages
  • 1 conscious advert in every 8 profiles


Premium members are able to enjoy added features which speed up and enrich the experience, with the added bonus of supporting history’s greatest ever push back. PURE is not for profit; all revenue goes into maintaining, improving and growing the platform.

  • Unlimited likes per day
  • Unlimited go backs/rewinds
  • See who has liked you
  • 3 SuperLikes per week
  • Unlimited messages
  • Video and Voice call
  • Advanced search filters
  • No adverts

Your Data

We treat all our members’ data as if our own, and private. We will never share your data, nor compromise your privacy outside of any necessary, 3rd party plugins, essential for PURE to function. For more information visit our privacy page.

  • Google Maps API
  • Google analytics
  • Stripe (payments)
  • Twilio (messaging)
  • Agora (voice and video calls)

Why it’s important

United we stand divided we fall

As the seemingly endless distractions and psyops continue, more and more people are waking up to what is really going on in this global power grab.

They want us to think we are alone, powerless and hopeless. We are not.

Pure is committed to creating a judgment free space for those who resisted and held the line; to connect, inspire, support and grow.

We have free-will and can choose what our collective future’s hold.